Hail and Well Met!

Deephallow Brewers call the Arkenstone world their home. DHB was founded April 8, 2007 and appeared in the LOTRO Lorebook on July 5, 2007 just after defeating Thorog and merging with Mithril Guard. We provide a mature atmosphere where our kin can attain the goals they seek within the game. Brewers are all about beer and fun. If you are all about a stress free environment or just want a kinship that can help you with even the highest level content you will feel at home with the Brewers. Players of all types call Deephallow home.

Location of Deephallow in the Shire


Deephallow is a village of the Eastfarthing, in the south-eastern corner of the Shire. It is situated at the point where the Shirebourn River flows into the Brandywine River, at the end of the causeway that runs south through Stock and Rushey; due east, across the Brandywine, is Haysend, the southernmost portion of Buckland.

The name Deephallow apparently contains the Old English word hall or healh meaning "corner, nook" in reference to its location at the juncture of the two rivers.

North of Deephallow is the town of Stock, where The Golden Perch Inn is located. We know The Golden Perch as, "[the] Inn in the village of Stock that served the finest beer in the Eastfarthing, according to Pippin Took. He was hoping to stop at the Golden Perch on the way to Crickhollow, but Frodo replied, "'Short cuts make delays, but inns make longer ones."'.

Drafts of all kind (not necessarily alcoholic) were enjoyed all over Middle-earth. In Imladris, Elves brewed a draft known as Miruvor. Miruvor was of course, "The reviving cordial of the Elves, a liquor with the power to grant renewed vigour and strength. Miruvor was clear and colourless, with a pleasant fragrance. Gandalf carried a flask of it with him to help the Company of the Ring on their southward journey. Both the Dúnedain and the Orcs possessed drinks with similar properties, but miruvor was known to be the most potent of these cordials."

The Wood Elves of Mirkwood enjoyed wine from the region of Dorwinion. The origin of this land was quite possibly Elven. Bilbo of course used the empty barrels from these wines to rescue Thorin and Company.

At the Unexpected Party, Gandalf and Thorin both requested Red Wine. They were probably hoping to enjoy some Old Winyards vintage from the Southfarthing.

Legolas was eager to learn where Merry and Pippin had discovered the wine they found amid the ruin of Isengard.

Ents of course were renewed by drafts known as Ent-draughts. These were so invigorating Merry and Pippin grew taller from drinking them (said to have surpassed 'Bullroarer' Took, who was over four feet tall).


Helegrod,Thorog downed on Arkenstone-- Deephallow Brewers-MG.mp4
July 4, 2007 - Mithril Guard + Deephallow Brewers merge and down Thorog!