Neji Loudcraft

Neutral Good Gnome Bard

Neji was born and raised in a Gnome community on the Isle of Kortos, near the town of Otari. He spent much of his time in Otari running errands for his Gnome family. It is here that he would overhear the grand stories and exploits of retired Pathfinders. Motivated by these magnificent stories and also being a naturally gifted performer with lute and song, he decided to take up the bardic profession and follow in the footsteps of these adventurers. 

Traveling will allow Neji to take in many new and exciting experiences to help craft his stories and songs. By doing this, it will allow him to stave off the affliction that eventually takes the life of every Gnome, The Bleaching. Knowing the end will come for him, he hopes to leave a big enough mark in Golarion through his adventures and eventually become part of every performer's repertoire. 

Drez Killstab

Chaotic Good Human Rogue

The son of a steward to a prominent Arcadian noble, the assassin known most commonly as Drez Killstab was raised and educated in the stately home of his father’s kindly lord. Restless by nature and uninterested in a career as a diplomat or politician in the courts of Arcadia, as his father intended for him, Drez ran away from the estate at the age of thirteen, set instead upon making his way in the world as a wandering adventurer. By fifteen he was living on the streets and barely surviving, stealing food when he could and sleeping rough in alleyways and under bridges. Drez was eventually taken in by The Three Daggers, a thieves guild of some renown in the small town of Thornkeep. There, under the tutelage of the members of the guild, he honed his skills in stealth, thievery, and general felonious endeavors. There are few records of him between the ages of sixteen and twenty-two, perhaps owing to his exceptional mastery of the thieves’ arts. Around the age of twenty-two or twenty-three, he surfaced in Daggermark, working and making quite a name for himself as a bounty hunter. Picky about what jobs he took on, but not squeamish about bringing his targets back cold, he soon discovered that he had a talent for inhuming targets when necessary. Taking notice of this special talent, he was approached and recruited by a member of the Daggermark assassin’s guild, where he again made a name for himself among his fellow guild members. Suspected in the murder of several high profile, wealthy, and extraordinarily loathsome nobles, merchants, and high ranking members of other guilds, Drez eventually left Daggermark and resumed his earlier life of a wanderer. Still maintaining his connections to both the thieve’s and assassin’s guilds of Daggermark, he now works primarily as a freelancer, traveling across the continents of Golarion wherever the work takes him, making contacts and taking on contracts in many major cities. 

Sir Durwin Duskslayer

Lawful Good Kobold Champion

Vega Voroth

Chaotic Good Human Sorcerer

 A human sorcerer with the Draconic bloodline. Once an emissary, he now travels the world seeking any knowledge that can make him a more powerful sorcerer. This has brought him to the Mwangi Expanse after he learned they had managed to activate one of the ancient gates connected to Alsetas Ring.

Therok Grimmane

Chaotic Good Dwarf Fighter

Wesley & Striggin

Neutral Good Human Ranger

Eagle Animal Companion

Heka Driya & Sahira

Lawful Neutral Elf Witch 

Skunk Familiar

Heka was just a young girl when her parents were tragically killed in a carriage crash. She was reluctantly raised by her aunt and uncle. When she was about 130 (teenage for an elf) a strange man came to visit her at home. The stranger told her that a mysterious benefactor was sending for her to go to a coven and learn the mystic arts. "You're a witch Heka" was the last thing she remembers before waking at her training. After completing her education, Heka has dedicated her life to finding the identity of her benefactor... 

The GM

True Chaotic