The DHB RP party first formed in late summer 2022. Most of the party is only familiar with tabletop rpg's in the academic sense having played video games based on ttrpg systems and read a manual or two over the years. 

The DHB RP party is currently in Book 4 of the Age of Ashes Pathfinder Second Edition Adventure Path, "Fires of the Haunted City". The DHB RP + Friends party is currently in Book 3 of the Outlaws of Alkenstar Pathfinder Second Edition Adventure Path, "The Smoking Gun".

We play mostly bi-weekly on Wednesdays, and weekly on Sundays and upload the sessions sometime afterwards on YouTube.

Most of the DHB RP party are new to playing tabletop rpg's and we are all new to the Pathfinder system. including the GM. 

Following, all rules may not be utilized, or utilized correctly, but as we learn and master different mechanics our games will get more dynamic.

Warning for occasional foul language and general buffoonery. 

We use Foundry VTT with various free, original, and modified assets.

Currently playing: 


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