Celebrating 15 years! Welcome to DHB!!

We are a beer drinking, pipe-weed smoking, fun-loving, and hardcore casual group of gamers who met in the Lord of the Rings Online on the Arkenstone server in 2007.

We use Discord to communicate and coordinate. You can find our Discord link at the bottom of the Discord status box on this page.

These days we play just about everything from MMOS to TTRPG. Message Meriband#5128 on Discord to join.

Some games we play:

  • Lord of the Rings Online

  • Guild Wars 2

  • Elder Scrolls Online

  • Star Wars The Old Republic

  • Final Fantasy XIV

  • Warhammer Vermintide 2

  • From Soft games

  • CCG (Yu-gi-oh; Magic; Pokemon)

  • and just about everything else!


DHB is now playing TTRPGs on Foundry VTT. Check out the Tabletop RPG link above to see more.